Who We Are

Jamie Stamberger (she/her) is the Owner and Lead Outreach Specialist of Stamberger Outreach Consulting. She began Stamberger Outreach in 2012 to provide expert consulting services to governments, nonprofits, universities, and others seeking to engage community around environmental and social health.

Printable PDF of our Resume and Statement of Qualifications

Jamie has more than 16 years’ experience working collaboratively with clients in Oregon to develop, implement, and evaluate community programs. Her work often includes social science research to determine what solutions are most needed by the community and most likely to be successful, education or outreach program design and implementation, and program evaluation and recommendations for continued improvement. Jamie is also a skilled public speaker and educator, with experience teaching environmental topics to all age groups.

Jamie also has extensive training and experience in equity, diversity, and inclusion. She has developed an equity lens through which she approaches all of her work.  Ensuring authentic opportunity for input, authentically listening, and following through and following up on community recommendations are foremost in her approach to working with community members. 

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