Program Evaluation

Meaningful program evaluation is vital to successful community programs. Collecting community input and feedback, and assessing changes in perceptions and behavior allow us to track program effectiveness and adapt programs to better serve communities and the environment.

Program evaluation is one of our primary consulting specialties.  Jamie Stamberger has 15 years’ experience conducting social science research to determine awareness of, attitudes about, and barriers to environmental programs with the goal of learning which solutions are most needed by the community and most likely to be successful.  We develop comprehensive program evaluation plans, including survey, focus group, and interview research tools and methodologies.  We will also conduct primary social science research, collate and analyze resulting data, format results into written reports for technical and lay audiences, and make recommendations for best practices based on research findings. 

Examples of our program evaluation work:

Rural Landowner Market Research | TSWCD and Clean Water Services | 2018

This project included market research with rural landowners in the Tualatin Basin to determine how to best implement expanded streamside property partnership programs and funding opportunities.  Jamie Stamberger created and implemented a Market Research Plan to identify best outreach and messaging strategies, stakeholder values and concerns, points of satisfaction and dissatisfaction with current programs, needs and interests for property management assistance, and motivations and barriers to participation.  Jamie developed survey and interview tools and implemented them online, by paper mail, and by phone.  Jamie collected, tabulated, and analyzed survey results and compiled summaries into a report for TSWCD staff and stakeholders.  In the report, Jamie also made recommendations for future outreach and engagement efforts and messaging and marketing strategies likely to be successful based on research results. 

Comprehensive Evaluation Plan, Solve Pest Problems | Oregon State University Extension Service (2018-2020)

Jamie Stamberger helped facilitate a stakeholder engagement process and completed a comprehensive Evaluation Plan for an OSU sponsored state-wide pesticide information service that will be delivered in the form of a website called Solve Pest Problems.  The project is a collaborative effort by many community and institutional stakeholders across the state of Oregon with a specific focus on involving communities historically underrepresented in OSU IPM programs in the development of the information service.   Jamie Stamberger and CELS (Ping Khaw) worked together on this project.  Tasks: facilitation, stakeholder engagement, literature review, best practices, comprehensive evaluation plan, research tools and methodologies, cost estimates, work plan.

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