Downspout Disconnection

Stamberger Outreach Consulting helps jurisdictions develop, implement and evaluate stormwater management programs for residents, such as downspout disconnection programs.   Residential stormwater management programs meet regulatory requirements for NPDES permit holders including outreach and education, pollution reduction and Low Impact Development (LID) retrofits. yard sign

Runoff from roofs drains to street drains and underground pipes that carry it (and the pollution it picks up) to a local water body or water treatment plant.

Downspout disconnection allows roof runoff to soak into lawns or landscaping and recharge ground water, reducing water pollution and stress on local resources.

Stamberger Outreach Consulting is experienced at determining suitable locations for downspout disconnection and providing education and incentives to encourage this, and other, at-home stormwater management practices.

Jamie Stamberger of Stamberger Outreach managed a downspout disconnection pilot program for the City of Gresham Watershed Division in 2009 to reduce stormwater runoff to Gresham streams, and implemented the program on larger scale in 2010 and 2011.

This project reduced stormwater runoff to local streams by an estimated 2.8 million gallons per year.

  • worked with attorneys’ office and building department to develop safety standards and safety assessment protocols
  • worked with mapping department to create searchable downspout disconnection and rain garden suitability map for Gresham residents and multiple map-based program reports
  • worked with community relations department to develop and implement public relations strategies including direct mailers, web content, downspout disconnection how-t0 guidelines, yard signs, press releases
  • selected target neighborhoods for pilot project and subsequent disconnection program efforts
  • recruited and trained staff and volunteers for canvass, disconnection safety assessments and disconnection work
  • coordinated door-to-door canvasses
  • scheduled, coordinated and managed downspout disconnection work days and procurement of tools and materials
  • managed customer relations, including all phone and email inquiries
  • developed program reports and presented results internally and at regional conferences and meetings
  • AmeriCorps volunteers disconnect downspouts
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