Harvey Scott School Rain Garden Technical and Grant Support, Verde

In spring 2015, Jamie Stamberger worked with Verde staff to develop a plan to enhance an existing school rain garden, secure local funding to implement the project, and engage students in hands-on rain garden activities.  Verde is a community organization in Portland, Oregon building environmental wealth through social enterprise, outreach and advocacy.

Stamberger Outreach Consulting provides program coaching and design services that help clients reach their goals faster and more effectively.  The goal for this project was to transfer skills, knowledge and relationships to Verde to facilitate their future rain garden grants and projects at Portland Public Schools.

For the Scott School Rain Garden Project, Stamberger Outreach Consulting provided:

  • Identification of local funding opportunities
  • Grant writing and reporting, editing and coaching services
  • Introductions to school district administrators and project permission process
  • School rain garden project planning and permissions list
  • Rain garden design, planning, installation and maintenance technical assistance
  • Rain garden education planning and coordination technical assistance
  • Elementary student education and event leadership support

Existing Relationships Jamie employed existing relationships with Portland Public Schools and experience writing grants to local environmental funders to help connect Verde staff to ongoing opportunities for funding and technical assistance.  She helped identify and introduce potential local funders and coached Verde staff in writing successful East Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation District SPACE grants to support the project.

Technical Knowledge Jamie also worked with Verde staff to transfer her technical knowledge of rain garden installation and maintenance and her experience with the process and permissions required for public school rain garden projects.  She helped Verde staff design the rain garden enhancement plan including identifying pre-work needed, plant selection, materials and budget.  Jamie also helped Verde staff coordinate and lead the rain garden work party with an elementary after school program.

Jamie leads a watering train to water in the newly planted rain garden plants (photo Nestor Campos).




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