Social science, market research, community engagement

We provide social science research planning, develop research tools such as online and mail surveys, interviews, and focus groups, and implement and analyze research for our clients.

Examples of our social science, market research, and community engagement work include:

  • Urban Washington County Market Research | Tualatin Soil and Water Conservation District | 2020 Jamie Stamberger and Ping Khaw (Community Engagement Liaison Services) partnered to conduct market research with agency stakeholders and communities of color in urban Washington County. This project included an online survey of stakeholder agencies and virtual focus groups with eight communities of color to learn how to better serve communities, and to inform development of an Urban Living Handbook.  Jamie developed the market research plan for the project and the focus group discussion guide, and developed, implemented and analyzed the online agency stakeholder survey.  The project supported paid community engagement liaisons who are members of the communities with which focus groups were held.  Liaisons reviewed and provided input to the market research plan, focus group discussion guide, and the final report before it was submitted to the client.  They also recruited participants and facilitated their community’s group.  Jamie provided support and focus group trainings for the liaisons and co-facilitated each group.  Jamie also analyzed focus group results, and prepared a final report detailing research results and recommendations for better serving communities of color and developing an effective Urban Living Handbook.  Jamie also developed and co-presented research findings to several groups per client request, including the TSWCD Board of Directors. 
  • Oregon Agricultural Worker Housing Study | State of Oregon Housing and Community Services (2019-2021) Jamie Stamberger brought together a specialized team to implement this project, including Ping Khaw and the CELs liaisons and Beth Goodman, Housing Researcher for ECO Northwest. The project includes a farmworker demographic analysis, interviews with farmworkers, employers, and agency partners, housing needs assessment and gap analysis, case studies of successful farmworker housing projects, and recommendations for best practices and next steps to improve access to farmworker housing. Jamie Stamberger is responsible for project, team and client management, research plan design, social science research, and case studies. This project has a strong DEI focus, including compensating farm workers to review research methods and interview guides, protecting the identity of participants, hiring Latinx community liaisons to recruit participants and conduct interviews in Spanish, providing meaningful incentives for participants, and seeking review and approval by a human research ethics review board. This project will be complete in December, 2021.

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