Riparian Enhancement

Students from Mt. Hood Community College plant trees along Fairview Creek.

Stamberger Outreach staff have experience designing and implementing stream-side restoration projects in urban and suburban environments.  We believe local community engagement and education is imperative to the success of any restoration project.

We understand barriers to creating partnerships on private property and have worked with both individual and group landowners to gain support for projects and engage neighborhoods in weed removal, tree planting and maintenance activities.  Jamie Stamberger’s strong background in Pacific Northwest ecology, including native and invasive plant identification, removal and propagation, provides the biological basis for project success.

Jamie’s experience includes managing the Kelly Creek and Fairview Creek Stream Side Restoration Projects for the City of Gresham from 2006 to 2012.

Highlights of these projects include:

  • Partnered with 40 adjacent stream-side property owners on Kelly Creek and 25 on Fairview Creek to conduct work on their properties, educate about watershed health and goals of the project, and provide tools and information to help residents maintain their properties in a more watershed friendly way
  • Removed invasive weeds on 7 acres of City and private property along Kelly Creek, and 1 acre along Fairview Creek
  • Installed over 15,000 native trees, shrubs and ground cover plants near Kelly Creek, and 2,000 near Fairview Creek to provide wildlife habitat, reduce erosion, and provide cooling shade
  • Conducted weed maintenance multiple times per year, and replanted where necessary
  • Hired, trained and managed AmeriCorps field teams, nearby homeowners, and community groups to conduct field work
  • Held volunteer events at the each site each year, including service learning events with local schools
  • Held two block parties in the Kelly Creek neighborhood – homeowners gave tours of the project behind their homes to their neighbors.
Restoration site two years after invasive weed removal and native plantings.  Site was entirely covered with invasive blackberry weeds.
Restoration site.
AmeriCorps volunteers Katie Boyd, Laura Barrow and Eva Birk plant trees along Fairview Creek in the snow.
Volunteers planting trees.
stream restoration
Urban stream restoration.
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