Rain Garden Projects

Stamberger Outreach Consulting helps clients develop, implement and evaluate stormwater management programs for residents and communities.  Rain garden grants and technical assistance, as well as public demonstration rain gardens, meet regulatory requirements for NPDES permit holders including outreach and education, pollution reduction and Low Impact Development (LID) retrofits. 

St. Henry's GardenRain gardens are a beautiful way to capture and infiltrate storm water runoff to keep it out of local waterways, where it causes pollution, erosion, flooding, habitat destruction and property damage.

These bowl-shaped landscape beds attract birds and butterflies while improving water quality in streams and rivers.

Rain gardens are not suitable for all properties and must be installed safely to avoid property damage and drainage problems. Proper plant selection and placement is also important to keep maintenance to a minimum.

Stamberger Outreach staff are experts at designing, installing, and educating about rain gardens and their installation, both in residential and larger commercial settings.

Our rain garden consulting services include:

  • rain garden planning and design services for residential property owners,
  • demonstration rain garden planning and design for public or commercial properties, including schools, churches, government offices, and other public buildings
  • custom outreach and education programs for organizations to empower and educate the public to build their own.

We understand the barriers to installing rain gardens at home including lack of information, drainage concerns, heavy lifting, time and money. Our programs and services help homeowners overcome barriers and give them the knowledge and experience to build their own at home.

We have used the following strategies to encourage rain gardens:

  • rain garden raffles (free rain gardens in exchange for using the garden for educational purposes)
  • volunteer garden installation parties (learn hands-on while helping a neighbor install their rain garden)
  • workshops (classroom presentation, hands-on activities, and a local rain garden tour)
  • at-home technical assistance (rain garden safety assessments before, after and during construction, help with design)
  • creation of how-to materials (rain garden and downspout disconnection guidelines, example planting plans, self-guided tour map of local rain gardens)
  • demonstration rain gardens at public places (provide examples, used for tours during workshops, interpretive signage)
  • and small grant programs (reimbursement up to $200 for homeowners to install their own)

Follow these links to see examples of our rain gardens:

Rain garden grant recipient

Residential Rain Gardens

Our rain gardens feature native and low-maintenance plants to attract birds and butterflies and keep maintenance needs to a minimum. We offer on-site planning services and written recommendations and designs to provide a road map for your projects.

Gresham High School rain garden

Public Demonstration Rain Gardens

Demonstration projects and educational signage are installed in highly visible areas and maintained by volunteers to increase public awareness and give homeowners ideas for their own home projects.

We offer project planning and design and public involvement services to help organizations build their demonstration projects.

 Gresham High School, West Gresham Elementary, Hollydale Elementary, St. Henry’s Church, Snow Cap Charities, Covenant Presbyterian Church

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