Hollydale Elementary Rain Gardens

In 2008, Jamie Stamberger of Stamberger Outreach Worked with the City of Gresham Watershed Division, school district maintenance department, the principal, and school staff to gain approval and plan a rain garden and rain water harvesting demonstration project at Hollydale Elementary School.

The projects would serve as public demonstration gardens and would be featured in city outreach materials and on garden tours. Students helped plant the gardens and maintain them in perpetuity.

Hollydale Elementary rain garden project Phase I, before










The project included two phases, phase I pictured left included a rain garden off the playground to solve drainage issues and reduce runoff to the underground storm pipe system that leads to nearby Johnson Creek.

Both phases were funded by the city and grants from EMSWCD, Metro and ODEQ.  Planting plans and project management were done by AmeriCorps volunteer Katie Boyd, with oversight by Jamie Stamberger.

Project phase II was installed in the school Nature Leaders area used for school vegetable and habitat gardens. Phase II included a 2500 gallon rain water harvesting cistern that captured water from the school roof to provide a source of water for school gardens.  A rain garden was also installed to capture and soak in overflow from the cistern during winter months.  Gardens were planted with Nature Leader students and parent volunteers, specifically parent volunteer Julie Melton. (More photos below)

Phase II, before
Project Phase II, before
Spring 2009 - Garden is installed and receiving it's first rain.
Phase I, complete.
Fall 2009 - Phase II is complete and soaking in it's first rain.
Fall 2009 – Phase II complete and soaking in it’s first rain.









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