Residential Rain Gardens

Rain gardens are an attractive, low-maintenance way to reduce individual impacts on water quality while attracting birds and butterflies. These bowl-shaped flower beds capture and soak in roof runoff, reducing the amount of polluted runoff draining to local waterways. Scroll down to see pictures of rain gardens we’ve helped homeowners install.

Behavior Change Programs

We understand that behavior change starts at the roots, with an understanding of community values and an assessment of local needs and interests.  Stamberger Outreach staff work with community members and leaders to create programs that improve environmental health and provide desired public services.  Our experience with Community Based Social Marketing (CBSM) techniques allows usContinue reading “Behavior Change Programs”

Stream Restoration

Stamberger Outreach staff have experience designing and implementing stream-side restoration projects in urban and suburban environments.  We believe local community engagement and education is imperative to the success of any restoration project. We understand barriers to creating partnerships on private property and have worked with both individual and group landowners to gain support for projectsContinue reading “Stream Restoration”

Downspout Disconnection

Runoff from roofs drains to street drains and underground pipes that carry it (and the pollution it picks up) to a local water body or water treatment plant. Downspout disconnection allows roof runoff to soak into lawns or landscaping and recharge ground water, reducing water pollution and stress on local resources. Stamberger Outreach Consulting isContinue reading “Downspout Disconnection”

Hollydale Elementary Rain Gardens

In 2008, Jamie Stamberger of Stamberger Outreach Worked with the City of Gresham Watershed Division, school district maintenance department, the principal, and school staff to gain approval and plan a rain garden and rain water harvesting demonstration project at Hollydale Elementary School. The projects would serve as public demonstration gardens and would be featured inContinue reading “Hollydale Elementary Rain Gardens”

Demonstration Rain Gardens

From 2006 to 2012, Jamie Stamberger helped the City of Gresham Watershed Division encourage rain gardens by building demonstration projects in highly visible places.  She worked with property owners, volunteers and construction professionals to install attractive public amenities that met the needs of all parties involved. Scroll down for demonstration project examples. Covenant Presbyterian ChurchContinue reading “Demonstration Rain Gardens”

West Gresham Elementary Rain Garden

Jamie Stamberger worked with City of Gresham staff, school teachers, principal and maintenance staff, the Parent Teacher Coalition, AmeriCorps volunteers, OSU 4-H, and students to install a rain garden in front of West Gresham Grade School.   Runoff from the school roof ran down the driveway to a storm drain in the street, causing icyContinue reading “West Gresham Elementary Rain Garden”

Gresham High School Rain Garden

In 2010, Jamie Stamberger worked with City of Gresham staff, high school principal, teachers and maintenance staff, and students to install a demonstration rain garden and improve an unsightly area on the school campus.                   This site on the high school campus along a busy street inContinue reading “Gresham High School Rain Garden”