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Rain garden raffles, installation block parties, and small grants encourage homeowners to build their own.



Residential Rain Gardens





At one year old, native plants are establishing well and the garden captures and infiltrates an estimated 196,000 gallons of runoff per year, reducing pollution in Johnson Creek and recharging local groundwater supplies.
Demonstration projects are a group effort among community partners to beautify neighborhoods and educate the public about environmental issues and ways they can help at home.

Public Demonstration Projects

Hollydale Elementary

West Gresham Elementary

Gresham High School

Link to Oregonian article about Gresham High School

Snow Cap Charities, St. Henry’s Church, and Covenant Presbyterian Church


Removing invasive weeds and replanting with native species improves stream health by reducing bank erosion, providing cooling shade, and enhancing wildlife habitat.



Stream Restoration Projects






Re-directing stormwater runoff from roofs into lawns and landscaping reduces runoff volume and pollution entering local waterways.



Downspout Disconnection






Program participation is encouraged by tabling at Farmers’ Markets, presenting to community groups, and hosting neighborhood information fairs and block parties.



Workshops and Community Events






Homeowners who pledged to avoid weed and feed put up free lawn signs to encourage their neighbors to do the same.
Multi-faceted outreach program focused on non-point source pollution reduction, at-home stormwater management, and increased urban canopy



Healthy Streams Program

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