School and Service Learning Projects

planting a rain garden with studentsStamberger Outreach staff put strong creative skills to use designing and leading education activities that engage students through experiential and service learning.

We enjoy working with students of all age groups on a variety of projects focused on non-point source pollution reduction, stream restoration, stormwater management, aquatic ecosystems, wildlife and forest ecology.

Examples of our past projects include:

  • Guided interpretive nature hikes in old growth Oregon forest
  • Regular, recurring stewardship days with alternative high school students to teach stream restoration techniques
  • Teaching and managing international exchange student interns from a community college Natural Resources Program
  • Teaching and chaperoning 30 American high school students on a tour of Japan focused on watershed issues
  • Stormwater pollution presentation to third grade class who would write letters to school neighbors suggesting ways they can improve water quality through actions at home
  • Earth day service event with 90 kindergarten students conducting invasive weed maintenance
  • Water pollution presentation and ‘education program designer’ activity for 4-6 grade at Oregon Green Schools Summit
  • Third grade after school garden club, including garden preparation, planting, care-taking, harvesting and eating
  • Rain garden and cistern installation event with rotating educational stations, including “What is a watershed?”, “What native plant am I?”, rain garden planting station, and cistern testing
  • Rain garden installation at a high school, including judging the planting design competition, planting day, and stormwater scavenger hunt on school grounds

Visit the following links to see examples of school projects we’ve worked on: Hollydale Elementary, Gresham High School, West Gresham Grade School.

planting event salamander volunteers

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